I have always had an inherent curiosity about why people do what they do. That interest led me to pursue my Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organization Psychology; the study of people and/or an organization’s behavior.

I have worked in Corporate America for more than 20 years, with a concentration in Human Resources for the last decade. My time spent in the health care industry for Fortune 500 Companies afforded me the opportunity to develop a skill set and knowledge dedicated to enhancing workplace performance. My ability to be practical and down to earth with work place issues matched with formal education and training allows me to help clients in a variety of areas, whether resolving everyday work place issues or helping the small business owner get to where they need to be.

As my years of working for a company grew, my passion for supporting and working with small businesses became my desire. Working with small business owners to create a better working environment, high performing employees, and coaching them to be better employers has been my goal. I now work with owners, managers, and employees to make their organization better.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you in taking you where you want to go.

Professional regards,

Laura LaCascia-Ehlert