Understanding Core Energetics

The mind, body and spirit are not only interrelated, they are vitally interdependent. Children process information much different than adults. As a child, to defend against any pain, hurt or trauma, the body creates an actual defense, that does not allow feeling pain, which in turn holds back feeling pleasure. When a body holds on to information as a child whether traumatic or simply not getting their needs met, it struggles through adulthood because the body is reacting to events as it did in childhood. Releasing emotions in the body allows you to process information as an adult. Allowing emotions to flow in the body, while feeling them opens up the power to embrace an abundance of life-force, an open heart, and the power to live the life we are meant to live.

Why Core Energetics When Coaching Professionals?

When working with clients during coaching sessions there are times when they know what to do and why to do it, but don’t or can’t.  For example, when they know an employee is to be terminated, but can’t do it.  This is when emotions overpower rational thought.  Core Energetic techniques helps the mind connect with the emotions in order to move past the ‘can’t’. Your mind has the ability to understand and rationalize, yet your body may feel something deeper and greater than what the mind wants to do. This mind/body conflict can be very subtle. In order to move past your ‘can’t’,  emotions have to be explored as to what is holding you back. During a coaching sessions when needed subtle therapeutic interventions may occur to move past the ‘can’t’ and get to what needs to be done.