Are you finding employees leave within a year?

If you are having high turnover especially with the first year there could be many different reasons for this such as the job description posted does not match the job they are doing, the culture of company does not fit, or they became disengaged.  To find out reasons and explore what the specific symptoms are to your organization, contact me.

Do your employees not get along?

When employees are not getting along this may be a symptom of the overall culture of the organization, or simply communication issues.  Some simple and quick resolution are to speak to each employee separately to find out what the issue is.  If after speaking with them it is an easy fix, then resolve it immediately. If, however, it turns out to be more than a minor miscommunication, reach out to me for a mediation. 

Is there an employee you are not getting along with?

There are many different areas to explore to find out why a boss or owner is not getting along with an employee. Is the employee not performing up to the expectations, and does the employee know the performance expectations? Do you as a boss know what the problem is, yet avoiding approaching the employee?  If you find you are conflict avoidant, contact me today.  There are some simple tools to ease the difficulty of having to address an employee

Do your employees need training?

As companies grow, job responsibilities change.  As employees develop, their responsibilities change.  Not all employees have an innate ability to supervise or manage.  There are actual methods and theories and practical applications to managing.  Talk to me today to discuss what types of training your employees need and how I can help.

Is there an employee that is not performing?

If an employee is not performing, it is because they lack the skill, they lack the training, or they do not know what is expected of them. If they lack the skill, then the interview process may need to be reviewed and changed. If training was offered, review how it is done. If the employee does not know their job, is there a job description with standards explaining performance expectations?   If you have done what you can to explore these and still not having the employee perform, I can help. Reach out to me today to get started on determining which of these is the reason and getting it resolved.

Do you find that candidates are nothing like they are in the interviews?

When you are excited about your new employee, and can’t wait for them to start only to find out they are nothing like they were in their interview can be deflating and disappointing.  There is a method to interviewing to ensure that you are filling the position with the right person.  I have some excellent and proven tools to ensure your candidate is the same from day one to year ten.

Do your employees not know what their responsibilities are?

Employees perform better when they know what their job responsibilities are and are trained.  It is extremely important to have a job description that describes the employee’s responsibilities and standard of performance.  When employee know what they are supposed to do and the level at which they are to perform it, an employee will perform.  Creating a job description can be tedious and time consuming.  I am able to work with you to create job descriptions easily and effectively.

Do you have an employee who calls out a lot or is tardy often?

Absenteeism may be a symptom of an unhappy employee, or it may be that the employee isn’t aware of their schedule and the time they are to be in.  It may sound simple but there is a lot around employees who are absent or tardy.  To review your options as to how to handle, call me today.