Small Business Owners: Beyond Passion

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You, the small business owner, have so much more than passion when it comes to your business. You have an emotional attachment to your business. Passion is the executive that can walk away from the company. It is the CEO that looks at the bottom line, and makes decisions based on it. It is the employee that loves their job, yet has work/life balance.

Emotional attachment is so much more than passion. It is a bond involving a desire for regular contact and the experience of distress during bad times, perhaps even during separation. It is not being able to walk away from the business. It is having difficulty finding the separation between the bottom line and employees. It is struggling to make a difficult decision because the business isn’t just a business; it is a part of you.

Like most qualities, emotional attachment can be your best and worst quality. At its best it is motivating, balancing, and fulfilling. At its worst it can cloud decisions, halt decision making, or suck the life out of you. Being aware of the negative aspects of emotional attachment is the first step to coming back to having it be your best quality.

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